There is no monopoly on supporting dairy

Canadian and U.S. dairy industries are fundamentally different. While Canadians enjoy stable prices and supply, the US market is vulnerable to unexpected surplus of product, driving prices down for farmers and disrupting the market for consumers.

President Trump’s latest attack against Canadian Dairy is misguided and does not solve the fundamental issues surrounding the instability of U.S. dairy. However, President Trump isn’t going after the system of supply management as much as looking to dump surplus subsidized US dairy products on the Canadian market.

The reality is their surplus is bigger than the 36 million Canadians can eat. As it stands, Canada is the largest per capita importer of U.S. dairy in North America: While Mexico is the number one destination for US exports, Canadians consume 3 times more U.S. dairy products per capita than our Mexican counterparts. On top of this, Canada imports five times more dairy from the U.S. than we export to them.

President Trump seems to want nothing less than to see Canada’s strong, stable and, efficient dairy farmers and sector wiped out.

There is no monopoly on supporting national dairy interests. Just as President Trump is going to bat for his country’s dairy sector, we call on Prime Minister Trudeau to stand up for our dairy farmers.

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